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FIFA 17 is brilliant


FIFA 17 is brilliant

Basically, the better you perform on a higher difficulty, the more cash you stand to earn. To get more bang for your buck, FUT 17 Draft is a great way to get a bunch of packs and players and also save on wasting your squad’s contracts, too. By paying 15,000 coins, which won’t take too long to earn once you get going, you can play in the dream team tournament and earn potentially huge rewards should you progress far enough. The mode is also great fun to boot.

If you choose the “Concept Squad” option, you can set your team with any player, formation and coach in the game. This allows you to evaluate the type of team chemistry you can get in different combinations. The game even offers some examples, like with a team made up of players from the Spanish and English leagues. Obviously you can’t use these players, but this is an effective method to try and plan out your targets before you spend any of your hard earned money.

When starting off with FUT 17, the game will ask you to name your team. From there you will receive a roster that will be generated at random. You will start off with the Bronze, Silver or Gold Card backings for each player. This is meant to designate a player’s overall skills. A player with ranking anywhere between 0-64 is Bronze, a person ranked 65-74 is Silver, and players with ranking 75-99 are Gold. The Gold ones represent the best players in FUT 17, and you must know each player’s attributes.

FIFA 17 is brilliant, no doubt, but its hard. Most players I’ve spoken to have had to drop to professional to get back to winning ways. The same is said every year and every year we then wax lyrical about how good the game is two months down the line. The slicker animations while taking players on using no touch dribbling are exceptional, and the addition of new stadiums and an even more interactive and vocal crowd is a welcome upgrade to the match day experience.

If you are interested to learn more, you can go to our website: http://www.utfifa17.com


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