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Sheed and Stoudamire said they didn’t


Sheed and Stoudamire said they didn’t

of the early ’00s for being good, but you can make a compelling case they were cool. They were  If you don’t know why this team should be in every version of 2K NBA Live Mobile Coins  possible, you’re delusional, or maybe you don’t smoke weed. On Nov. 21, 2002, Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace were pulled over in a dope, yellow Hummer. The following caused them to be pulled ove


They were going 84 in a 70 mph zone somewhere between Seattle and Portland after not taking the team bus home. After that, officers said they smelled some weed in Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins      the car. They found, oh I don’t know, around 40 grams of kush, a couple of grams of weed in the glove department and a whatever marijuana residue is on the floor of the Hummer.  Of course, Sheed and Stoudamire said they didn’t


do it, pled “not guilty” in court, and then took separate plea deals before having four more ganja-related incidents in the next 12 months.Which leads me to my thesis: The 2002-03 Trail Blazers were high. They won 50 games blazed out of their minds and Maurice Cheeks rolled all the blunts. Zach Randolph, Bonzi Wells, old ass Scottie Pippen, Stoudamire, and Sheed dunked loud and  WELCOME  TO    https://www.nbalive18coins.com/


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