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the botching of the Ray Rice case


the botching of the Ray Rice case

 respect to the BoycottNFL movement, it seems outlandish that a wide swath of people would stick with the NFL through a domestic violence crisis, but tune out when NBA 2K18 MT  a few players kneel during the national anthem.The league has flourished despite being inundated with negative PR over the last several years: Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction, the botching of the Ray Rice case


and ignorance towards domestic assault, concussion epidemic, DeflateGate. Every empire has a breaking point, but it’s too early to say the NFL has arrived there. One would imagine that no region is angrier at the league than New England, which saw Brady get suspended for a quarter of the season due to slightly deflated footballs. Yet, Patriots TV numbers continue to skyrocket.


The Week 1 Sunday night game against the Cardinals was the second-highest rated season opener in franchise history. If Goodell failed to alienate Patriots fans from the NFL, then it’s hard to see how he could chase anybody else away. Perhaps there’s some truth to Mark Cuban’s theory that the NFL’s greed will lead to its slaughter. WELCOME TO https://www.mmogo.com/

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