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Let's look forward to the 2014 world cup


The E3 does not disappoint and even Microsoft: 18.30 Italian time the conference has begun in Los Angeles and have been a large number of the securities offered. But we're going to see better in particular. Microsoft's conference at 18.30. Opens Microsoft, as usual, this E3. The house of Redmont, at a distinct disadvantage in terms of sales than Sony has focused on strong headilne made ​​games exclusively for the Xbox One. They were a lot of the qualifications, some of which will come out for the consoles made ​​in the USA. The move, rather than taken for granted, was driven by the fact that Microsoft should absolutely catch up with Sony, and to buy fifa coins that he had to do that bet big on titles of choice.

A radiant and very muscular Phil Spancer introduced gradually, titles that will make up what will be the library of millions of video game players. It 'was presented, in fact, a trailer for Halo 5, futuristic shooter, along with what will be called The Master Chief Collection that is a box set with the first four Halo gathered together and remastered for Xbox One. Always and only for Xbox One, was presented the new crackdown, shooting game with great graphics particular, and the crowds Sunset Overdrive. Next, as sole driving force of the game: Horizon 2, a new expansion for Dead Rising that will contain, unbelievable, some of the characters from Street Fighter. Lovers of fantasy, however, not be left wanting with the excellent Fable Legends, Dragon Age and The Witcher 3. Inquisition also presented clips of the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Rise of the Tomb Raider and the very interesting and mysterious ScaleBound.

Electronic Arts conference at 21.00. More predictable but still full of content, the presentation of EA. In addition to the flood of sports games in which the Canadian software company excels, have been made to see full clips of gameplay in Dragon Age Inquisition and the spectacular Battlefield Hardline. Passed into the hands of DICE Visceral Games, the new Battllefield promises to revolutionize the concept of the whole saga. Forget, then, the usual sides fought a war in exotic locations, because this time you will be dealing with urban warfare. Similar in concept to PayDay, Battlefield Hardline see opposite two sides very specific police and robbers. At the end of the presentation, in addition, the beta test of the game was released immediately, giving the opportunity for millions of players around the world to try it right away. The only problem is that for the strong turnout servers Visceral Games, the network was immediately put into service.

Although FIFA 15 Xbox Coins was only the first day, the E3 2014 started out great. Especially with the excellent Microsoft conference which attracted his attention back on it at the expense of PS4. Now we will see how he will respond the Japanese giant in the coming hours. Of course promises to be a question and answer worthy of note. So, you just need to continue to follow us to stay up to date on the E3 2014!


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