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PES 2015 Features Realistic Ball Controls

Let's look forward to the 2014 world cup

PES 2015 Features Realistic Ball Controls

Now, their rival Konami is not going to give up without a tough fight and they are out to display their FIFA Coins , with the upcoming title PES 2015. For a long time, these were the only two popular games in the football genre, which have been embraced by players around the globe. Even though, both of them are about the same game, they are not the same video games because the EA offering, caters to casual gamers who just want to score a goal without much fuss, but with a good presentation.

On the other hand, the Konami game is completely different, because it is more of a football simulator with more precise controls, better ball handling and higher level of difficulty that Pro players have come to embrace in the years. Earlier, it used to be two different titles; one, named Winning Eleven, which later merged into one and is now just the only opponent that EA has to face, for a long time. In their new statement, the company representative says that the game is all set to bring a new level of realism and game play elements with the upcoming title. It is going to give players an experience that they would never forget; because, this is the first game that is all set to launch on new generation consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

www.coininfifa.com , PES 2015 is going to bring all new levels to on-field realism. Konami says, ‘the new Pro Evolution Soccer is going back to the roots, where it is all about providing players the much needed control over how they play without any restrictions. The PES that comes now will be about super responsive controls, better game play and authenticity’. In the developer blog, they say that multiple facets of the game including the goal keeping and shooting has been completely re-worked so as to make things more challenging as well as rewarding.

The new shooting system will allow players to experience unrestricted shooting styles where they will have precise and complete control over the blog. If you want to shoot the ball, at moderate speed, in an awkward angle, to the next player, so as to score a goal, you will be able to do so. The direction, speed and the ball motion is now completely decided by the player, not the AI. It is not evident but Konami also says that you can tickle the inner goal keeper in you, with a new feature that alters the center of gravity to stop goals at any cost. It does sound exciting, but we are yet to see any of it.

Konami says PES 2015 will have its final pass tweaked, so that any player can choose to knock on or do low passes. The FIFA 15 Xbox Coins will react more life-like because of the new physics system which offers better close control. The game runs on the latest Fox engine used in other AAA titles.


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